Web Agency.

lemat aims to build technology that inspires the next generations, instead of focusing on missed opportunities, let us build something specific following your dreams.
What makes LEMAT such a trustworthy partner is that we do not only advise without commitment. We do not simply build a website or app. We don’t just do digital marketing. No, we step in all the way and walk the talk, from start to finish.

We deliver something that always continues to grow, expand and improve on the road because we also stand by you after the delivery, a successful Ecommerce is never finished, improvements are made day after day until the brand lives. That is our think-build-run approach: we think with you, build more than you could have imagined and run the project alongside you to always go further, the sky is not anymore the limit, we strive for deep space.

Ecommerce, Design & Marketing agency with 19 Years of expertise.

We’re an established eCommerce, marketing, and design agency in Los Angeles, Bruxelles & Monaco, who have been working with businesses locally and internationally (remotely or not) to establish their brand for over 15 years. Our mission is to build tailored solutions using the latest technologies, creativity, and strategic planning to help them speak directly to their target audience and generate the highest ROI possible in the industry. Always one step ahead.

We are Proactive Experts, we are No “Yes-Man” or just “Another Dev Shop”. We are experts in providing digital solutions with a consulting-led approach that fuels innovation and business efficiency.

  • Best in class discovery, planning and documentation
  • World-class UI/UX design
  • Engineering with industry best practices
  • Continuous support


Style, Modernity, Perfection & Beauty are free and always included for every project we work on. We are specialized in custom web & ecommerce solutions around the WordPress or Prestashop CMS. Forget the slow prefabricated default themes and discover the next level in the digital industry. We concentrate our energy on building a unique site that fits perfectly with your business branding and objectives.


LEMAT build major brand and businesses around the world, if we collaborate together we will share with you the best shortcuts and processes available in the industry, we already did it for ourselves & our partners, so why not for you?


With our diverse experience in design and marketing, we can develop a brand identity and communications strategy that will leave a lasting impression to your customers. We will act as a guardian to your most precious asset, ensuring that your brand’s visual identity is consistent across all media. You will be provided with cohesive guidelines to ensure you and your team are comfortable working with your new identity.


Why do complicated when simplicity works like a charm? All our shops are responsive on all screen sizes, surfaces, browsers & OS, to be clear we offer maximum responsivity on all devices, one shop that serves multiple applications.

Imagine Your Day

We consider ourselves as your trustworthy and loving partner. We love your business just as much as you do. By focusing on business benefits and adding value in every step of the process, we always strive to exceed expectations by far. This means we always deliver an all-around experience in which every touchpoint enhances the other. We manage to do so thanks to our carefully selected experts who each on their own are part of an organic structure that makes both your business thrive.

To us, it is imperative as a partner to provide real value to your business. Your business is always safe in our hands. We aren’t just the best at what we do, we are also able to do a lot for you. Our offering of services is pretty exhaustive, as we believe we need to master all digital disciplines, in order to create the best possible user journeys for your customer. We simultaneously unburden you thanks to our extensive knowledge and meticulous project follow-up.

Watch your sales and your customer base grow with our agency that has been a leading eCommerce agency around the world since 2003.

Every eCommerce website we create is designed and built in-house by our team of expert web developers and designers. We are more than just a full-service digital agency. We do not have any customers, only partners. We strongly believe that thinking beyond digital is the key to success, exactly why we aim to understand every part of your business before giving you our best advice and starting to build your dream.

By getting to know you and your organization in all its aspects, we are able to stand on your side from start to finish and provide whatever you may need in your wonderful digital adventure. From an early idea to a full-fledged strategy and from implementation to exploitation.

Thanks to our expertise, you can rest assured that we have learned all the lessons we need true our own adventures. Better yet, we never stop learning and continue to gather more knowledge on the digital world, its practices, and technologies, even creating some by ourselves. One-Stop-Shop.

What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a planet to put it on?

“By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!”

Having an attractive site is one thing, but how do you make it visible so your audience finds you and comes back again and again? Technical optimization, semantic analysis, and link profiling. Thanks to our efficient work on natural SEO referencing, your target audience will always find you easily and at the right time on the major research engines & relevant plateforms.

Your Productivity, Visibility & Conversion Boosted.

LEMAT will change the way you build & manage businesses. By improving to the next level everything you believe doing at the best already and by the way scale to is optimal rate your conversion level and digital visibility.

With our proven experience in eCommerce, design, web development and marketing, we can offer an all-in-one eCommerce solution and strategy to fulfill your business needs. It doesn’t stop there, we’re continually working to improve our skills, meaning new features are being added all the time to keep up with the latest shopping trends. Once your website is live, you will have full access to update your entire eCommerce store, as well as access to our support services to help you succeed online.

The Wait Is Finally Over.

As a full-service agency, it is our duty to serve as a prism that combines all digital aspects needed toward success into the diamond we are building. Simply because it is not just one discipline we are mastering, but all together