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Social networks are an integral part of the daily life of a majority of the population. What companies are looking to do is share this daily life with them in order to submit all kinds of products or services to them to buy on e-commerce. Through adaptation, most social media have developed interesting e-commerce features. Companies are taking this to submit their offers directly to target users. It is a way to reach a large number of prospects and to increase the number of points of sale and points of contact. Each social media presents business platforms with different functionality.


Perhaps Facebook’s most well-known retail space is its Marketplace, geographically connecting individuals looking to buy or sell used products. For businesses, there is a section that must be activated from its page. We face it less often as users because Facebook’s algorithm does not favor the appearance of Business Pages in the news feed.
The store allows you to offer products for sale directly on your page. It is an additional gateway to your e-commerce site. The Shop tab, on the side, gives access to the list of products you want to highlight. Each product has a call to action (CTA) button on its own page on the site.
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Instagram allows companies to label their products directly on their posts or stories. There is also a store section where the user can browse and subscribe to the stores they want to create a feed specially designed for shopping. However, the advantage of Instagram is to submit products for sale to users without them going to a store area. It appears directly in their feed, and in a non-intrusive way. If he is interested, he can easily find the information and if he is not, he just goes his way.
Payment via the platform is currently only available in the United States or for certain businesses. The platform tends to evolve towards a more complete e-commerce space.
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Snapchat offers a fairly comprehensive sales area for brands. It is possible to shop directly on the platform by building a basket and complete the purchase on the company’s website. The biggest brands are featured in the store area, but you only need to search to choose the one you want.

The advantages of opening your e-commerce store on your social networks
Using social media to increase your outlets and reach more prospects is a practice called “Social Selling”. It has now become almost compulsory for all companies with an e-commerce platform.

Having a store attached to your social networks allows you to keep in permanent contact with your customers or prospects. This way, rather than attracting them to the store, you directly offer them a showroom of your products where they are. Thanks to this, we are definitely breaking away from old methods such as canvassing, unpleasant for both employees and prospects. This development allows for improved relations between the company and customers, to increase the number of leads and to shorten sales cycles.

It is possible to add only a few products, such as a range or a promotion collection, for example. It can help manage your inventory over a defined period. In addition, you can easily benefit from the feedback thanks to the statistical analysis tools offered by each social media.
At LEMAT, we are fully aware of the profitable potential of each social network. Leave it to us to optimize your e-commerce platform for your social networks.


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