Evolve or Die. All Major Brands Concerned.


Nokia, BlackBerry, General Motors, Ebay, Polaroid, etc
Do you know the common denominators point between these ex-giants?

– They where on the top of the world and got killed by competition.
This can still happen to all major brands around the world if they refuse to innovate & reinvent themselves with high creativity & energy.

– We meet & see on daily basis major brands working on the digital or physical aspect with same processes & identity like 20-60 years ago without any improvements or higher goals of innovation & these brands got hit by Covid in a sad & ugly way.

– We can say for sure they will not last with the digital world banging on all sides.

– This is the main purpose of our agency. Bringing the spark needed to avoid this kind of failures & helping smallest brands striving for the big heads to put them down with innovations.

“The only way to discover the limits of the POSSIBLE is to go beyond them into the IMPOSSIBLE. Arthur C Clarke.”



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