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The Digital Age.

LEMAT web agency is expert in the digital world & provide digital solutions to keep up with the digital age we are evolving in.

For Everyone.

New Businesses, Startups, Major Brands, we do not discriminate against anyone and we work with all budgets to help everyone with digitalization & digital innovations which is in our opinion a primordial need for all businesses around the world.

Data Driven x Creativity

We are a Data Driven agency, all our choices come not only from our creativity and instinct but also from solid data & predictive & disruptive experience in the digital industry we will use & abuse to scale your Ecommerce or Business to the highest levels.

Agile & Compatible.

We are agile and capable of evolving in synchronization with your teams, platforms, frameworks, cms and technologies already in use.

The Digital Revolution

Digital revolution is now, and digitalization is not anymore a luxury, it is a necessity for old fashion businesses and everyone evolving in the 21th century.

Show, Don’t Talk.

We prefer showing other than talking, this is why we work always around complete case studies around your brand, business model, ecommerce and the industry you are evolving in, this is why we will first prototype what we believe will be the right and perfect way to take and share it with you and your teams so you can define in advance if what we believe will generate more leads, ROI and accelerate your growth is worth it.

Be Fast, Be Precise.

Speed, until other brands are spending precious time around boring business models, big data, we are able to build in a very short time with the most recent & innovatives digital technologies your new digital business, working around your budget, you define what you are able to pay, we let you know if it interesting for you to start collaborating with us at this price or not, then we adapt the digital technology, the work and the solution to that defined budget.

As you can understand, this is the same principle when you go buy a car, you enter, someone greets you and ask you what you are looking for and your budget, then he will propose you the best solutions to make you happy, in a small difference, we are not sellers, we are digital artists disrupting the digital world with amazing innovations, new technologies, augmented reality, 3d, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, beautiful design and out of this world user experience.

Growth, Innovation, Evolution.

We are also used to working with old, rusty and dusty brands operating since decades with the same processes and never innovating or evolving, they got impacted by covid and now they are waking up learning a second world, the digital world, exists. They reach us to ask us about the new ways and how to adapt to, we help them from scratch in their transformation journey around amazing digital products that will in the future thrive and generate considerable Growth, Benefits, Brand image improved & ROI.

Custom Made Solutions From Scratch.

Business goals are different for everyone, we are capable of adapting to all industries, businesses and profiles with our design thinking and architect mindset and accelerate their overall growth with custom made digital solutions, from the scratch to the end success we are partners and we keep an eye at what you do and support you.

We learn on the field, not from the books.

Some digital agencies are auto proclaimed experts in Ecommerce because they have build a few Ecommerces, the difference between us is clear, we are managing our own Ecommerces for our group profit, partners in a successful way, from the supply chain to the last step, we know what works in the digital world, what doest, what is primordial and what is not, we are generating and improving the customer engagement, ROI, conversions, brand image, brand identity with strong marketing we are able to scale up in predictive manner on all the major advertising platforms (adwords, facebook, instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc)

Shopify, the trap you don’t want.

A Lot of Ecommerces are made on Shopify, for a simple reason, the marketing is strong around it, this shopify keyword generate visits from young entrepreneurs and brands not aware of what is going around, we are a serious agency building digital solutions that you own, and not digital solutions that are owned by Shopify or other similar businesses that can close you for any reason they want without any solutions for you to fight against that decisions. We build empires, we are architects, when you build a house, you own it, we build digital houses.

Total Security.

Cybersecurity is a serious concern for all Ecommerces & brands around the world, this is why we are building everything around that word, we keep your assets safe  with the most exigeants norms and processes to keep you, and your community & customers safe. With fully encrypted communications between everyone (Server-Customer)

You say We think & build. Mind Peace.

Some imperatives in E-commerce can be disturbing for the new ones in the industry, now knowing where to start, who to contact or what to do, this is also the strength of our agency, you don’t need to know anything other than knowing we are the bests at what we do and trust us in the process, from scratch to the end success (limitless) we will assist you and let you know what is needed and what needs to be done. From the company building up to the payment getaway selection & integration or even sourcing the right product for your project from factories around the world, nothing is impossible for LEMAT.

Beauty, Design & Webdesign.

Design, this word is more than a word, it is our way of building, we believe beauty, synergy, class, and good taste need to be free and included in all projects budgets. Whatever you want, whatever is your budget, we will never build something ugly that we will be ashamed of talking about, linking our name to it, or hiding it. We are always proud of our work because we are passionate about the digital world, beauty, web design, and what we do overall, this is why these crucial things for your brand image and ours are always free and never calculated in the total you will pay.

Compete With Yourself.

We have no competition other than ourselves from the day before. We are improving every day project after project, we believe this is why humanity is not anymore in the caves playing with fire, emerging technologies are something that drive us, so whatever is the complexity of your business and projects, be sure we will be able to keep up with it & you.

Overdelivery coupled to Creativity.

Overdelivery, working on a project bring us many amazing ideas, we are creatives, and contrary to most of the agencies who will ask you to pay for it, or keep it for them to avoid extra free work, we will implement it with your accord to keep you on the track to the digital success you are striving for with your business, we will take care of your brand as it is ours, because when we start working on a project, we appropriate it as it is ours.

Digital businesses never sleep and never stops improving.

You may believe a website is an end, you are over and you can thrive. This is wrong, successful Ecommerce need traffic on it, when you say traffic you say also Google & SEO, this means strong, well made copywriting need to be integrated, short, not too short, going to the point, and with the right keywords you are striving for in your industry/niche, we are also able to propose you alternative solutions to the most-used promoting, advertising & marketing ways.

Out Of The Box Growth. Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking, the world hacking can make you afraid, but this is totally legal, this means you need to use strong analysis, think out of the box, and alternative ways of generating visits, LEMAT is capable of putting in place per example for that purpose automation & bots to do the heavy work for you on the social platforms and avoiding you hiring people for that purpose, this is one way we can describe and explain Growth Hacking, in the total possibilities it exists billions of ways to develop your brand fastly for a very cheap first investment.

Dropshipping today.

Dropshipping, you have probably already heard about that, if you have not let us explain to you what is drop shipping, from where it comes and what is Dropshipping today and what will be Dropshipping tomorrow.

Dropshipping basically is simple to understand, you sell a product you don’t have in stock and that you have not bought before someone buys it from you. The scheme is easy: You select a supplier (Local supplier, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Local Factory, anyone being able to sell unit by unit to you and ship it for you) > You put it on sale on your platform > you advertise for it > Someone buys it from you > you receive the money on your account > You pay your supplier > You keep the difference > Supplier ship it to your customer > Your customer Receive it.

This process with some strong think out the box mindset can be adapted to thousand of suppliers, you can use Amazon, eBay, Fnac, Cdiscount, Bigbuy, Local Grocery, literally anyone being able to sell a unit and ship it for you.

Dropshipping is popular and was made well known with Shopify, therefore the old way of doing dropshipping putting in sale hundred of different products without any branding is dead, today and tomorrow dropshipping will always work, it will never die, therefore you need to build a true brand around a thematic or a few products, with a serious way of thinking & building striving for the long term, taking care of your customer’s satisfaction and brand image, inspiring from the biggest and major brands & businesses successful on a worldwide scale.


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